In Cold Blood

Mr. Dewey, in your opinion...
:37:04 you think it could have been
an inside job, sir?

-Why didn't Mr. Clutter resist?
-Mr. Dewey, just a moment, Mr. Dewey.

What about the hired man?
His check was made out for $1,707.
Mr. Clutter's first premium
on a straight life policy...

...worth $40,000.
Double indemnity makes it $80,000.
And that makes it a strange coincidence.
And that's all it is, a coincidence.
I didn't catch your name.
Bill Jensen, Weekly magazine.
If you're not here to write news,
what is your interest?

Fairly basic.
What's basic about a stupid...
...senseless crime?
A violent, unknown force
destroys a decent, ordinary family.

No clues. No logic.
Makes us all feel frightened. Vulnerable.
Murder's no mystery. Only the motive.
Got one?
I smoke too much.
How'd they enter the house?
A key? Force a window?

Probably just walked in.
-Don't people around here lock doors?
-They will tonight.

I know something's wrong here.
I feel it.
I don't know what it is, but....
Mr. Clutter never allowed smoking
in the house.

But of course.
The radio!
Kenyon always listened
to the news and weather...

...before he went to bed.