In Cold Blood

No clues. No logic.
Makes us all feel frightened. Vulnerable.
Murder's no mystery. Only the motive.
Got one?
I smoke too much.
How'd they enter the house?
A key? Force a window?

Probably just walked in.
-Don't people around here lock doors?
-They will tonight.

I know something's wrong here.
I feel it.
I don't know what it is, but....
Mr. Clutter never allowed smoking
in the house.

But of course.
The radio!
Kenyon always listened
to the news and weather...

...before he went to bed.
But where's his radio?
Since the night of horror, two days ago...
...few people are seen on the streets
of Garden City after dark.

To date, no clues have been uncovered.
No clues whatever.
It was generally known that Cluttrer
never had large sums of cash on hand.

No expensive jewels.
Noe even a steel safe in which to--
Perry, baby,
if you don't want that burger....

You and your hotshot
prison buddy Floyd Wells.

Big, fat safe in the wall.
$10,000. ''A cinch.''
Okay, Floyd's a jerk.
But we scored, didn't we?

You call an 800-mile drive...
...and the rest of it, for 43...
...lousy dollars, you call that perfect?