In Cold Blood

How do you know he was a foreigner?
-I see. Thank you very much, sir.
-Another tip?

He says he saw a foreigner running.
How does a foreigner run, anyway?
Just how many people
have tried to claim this reward?

Just about everybody.
A mysterious stranger did it.
Hired killers did it.
A jealous neighbor did it.

Srems like the only one
who didn't do it is the butler.

Any luck?
None of the Clutters had shoes
with a cat's paw.

No diamond pattern, either.
Insurance money goes to the family.

And this, Nancy Clutter's.
Found it hidden in the toe of her slipper.
Something must've scared her.
All of which brings us back
to the motive of robbery.

I can believe one man might work up
enough rage to do it.

But two?
Who would kill four people in cold blood
for a radio...

...a pair of binoculars and $40 in cash?
These days? Take your pick
on any crowded street.

You ever hang any paper?
I couldn't cash a check even if it was good.
Easy, baby. Casual.
Excuse me. My name's Hickock.
Richie. And you're?

Sharp. Luke Sharp.