In Cold Blood

I can believe one man might work up
enough rage to do it.

But two?
Who would kill four people in cold blood
for a radio...

...a pair of binoculars and $40 in cash?
These days? Take your pick
on any crowded street.

You ever hang any paper?
I couldn't cash a check even if it was good.
Easy, baby. Casual.
Excuse me. My name's Hickock.
Richie. And you're?

Sharp. Luke Sharp.
I'll bet in school
they called you Look Sharp.

See that gentleman over there?
Would you believe a runt like that
is getting married?

Well, maybe he ain't any Fred Astaire
but he's my best friend...

...and I'm his best man.
My wedding present to him
is going to be what you might call...

...his trousseau.
Ideal shade for an informal ceremony,
don't you think?

Perfectly ideal.
Of course,
we are a tiny bit oddly proportioned.

I mean, the upper torso is so large
compared to the legs.

I'm terribly sorry.
He's not ashamed of them scars.
They gave him the Bronze Star in Korea.
Luke, have you ever bren to Eden Roc?
In Miami Beach.

That's where the happy couple
is shacking up for their honeymoon.