In Cold Blood

''KSP 1-4-3-2-3. Floyd Wells.''
-I first met him in the penitentiary.

Yes, sir. We shared the same cell.
Go ahead, Floyd.
We swapped life stories and I told him...
:52:23 I once worked
for a farmer named Clutter.

Did you work for him?
Yes, sir. Ten, eleven years ago.
Dick wanted to know if Mr. Clutter
was rich and I said, ''Well...

''...sometimes it cost him $10,000
a week to run his operation.''

After that, Dick never let up.
Just kept asking questions.

How many was in the family?
Did Clutter keep a safe?

Dick said how he was going
to rob the Clutter place...

...him and his buddy.
And how he was gonna kill
all the witnesses.

I just never believed him.
I thought it was just--

What took him so long to speak up?
Afraid of other prisoners.
Issue a pickup warrant.

All points bulletin.
We better make it for parole violation,
passing bad checks.

If they know they're wanted for murder....
-The question is why they did it.

Why did Cain kill Abel? And who cares?
They did it, and they'll swing for it.
If they did it and if we can prove it.
When we cross this bridge,
we're in Mexico.

Free, clear and safe.
Fabulous Mexico.
Mr. Smith?