In Cold Blood

All points bulletin.
We better make it for parole violation,
passing bad checks.

If they know they're wanted for murder....
-The question is why they did it.

Why did Cain kill Abel? And who cares?
They did it, and they'll swing for it.
If they did it and if we can prove it.
When we cross this bridge,
we're in Mexico.

Free, clear and safe.
Fabulous Mexico.
Mr. Smith?
Mr. Tex Smith?
-Kansas Bureau of Investigation.

Is this your son, Perry?
Yep, that's him all right.
Gets his looks from his mother.
Part Cherokee.
-Will you have some coffee?
-When did you see him last?

-Couple of years ago.
-In prison?

I was just fixing to make some grub.
You want some eats?

He was in for three and a half years.
He's bren out on parole for six months.

Well, then I guess I haven't seen him
for five or six years.

That's not surprising though.
He's a lone wolf just like me.

You can rest easy on one thing sure...
:54:53 won't be having
any more trouble with Perry.

He's learned his lesson for sure.
When he wrote me from prison,
I wrote him back pronto.