In Cold Blood

Mr. Tex Smith?
-Kansas Bureau of Investigation.

Is this your son, Perry?
Yep, that's him all right.
Gets his looks from his mother.
Part Cherokee.
-Will you have some coffee?
-When did you see him last?

-Couple of years ago.
-In prison?

I was just fixing to make some grub.
You want some eats?

He was in for three and a half years.
He's bren out on parole for six months.

Well, then I guess I haven't seen him
for five or six years.

That's not surprising though.
He's a lone wolf just like me.

You can rest easy on one thing sure...
:54:53 won't be having
any more trouble with Perry.

He's learned his lesson for sure.
When he wrote me from prison,
I wrote him back pronto.

''Boy, you take your punishment
with a smile.

''I didn't raise you to steal,
so don't expect me to cry...

''...because you got it tough
behind the bars.''

Perry's no fool. He knows when he's beat.
You fellows have got him whipped forever.
The law's the boss.

He knows the difference
between right and wrong.

I taught my kids a golden rule:
Always tell the truth...

...wash in the morning,
be sober and independent.

I showed him how.
How to prospect, how to trap fur,
how to carpenter, how to bake bread...

:55:27 to be his own boss.
Yes, he's a chip off the old block, all right.
I never had no trouble with my kids,
not as long as Flo and me was together.

But she wanted the wild life.
So she took the kids and ran off.
Turned them against me.

All but Perry.
I don't know what got into her.
She started drinking.
Turned into a hopeless drunk.

Started stepping out with young men.
I caught her once and I....

Anyway, she died drunk.