In Cold Blood

Choked to death on her own vomit.
So I took Perry and we started roaming
to forget it all.

I took him with me everywhere.
How that boy loved me.
At night, when it was cold...
...we'd sleep cuddled up.
He'd hang onto me with his little arms,
so tight.

I'd tell him stories about
the great adventures we was gonna have.

How we was gonna strike it rich.
Buried treasures.
In Alaska.
That's where this picture was took.
Him and me in Alaska.

You just ask Perry if I wasn't
a good father to him.

I always shared, always.
When I eat, he eats.

You just tell Perry,
when I die all my insurance goes to him.

Yes, sir.
His life is all set.
Great news!
I met this kid. He's a shoeshine boy.