In Cold Blood

Buried treasures.
In Alaska.
That's where this picture was took.
Him and me in Alaska.

You just ask Perry if I wasn't
a good father to him.

I always shared, always.
When I eat, he eats.

You just tell Perry,
when I die all my insurance goes to him.

Yes, sir.
His life is all set.
Great news!
I met this kid. He's a shoeshine boy.
He's got a cousin in Yucatan, a fisherman.
-And he's got a powerboat.

So, we drive to Yucatan, we sell the car...
:58:12 us a load of deepsea diving gear...
...and ''pow,'' we hit the Cort├ęs jackpot.
$60 million in Spanish gold.
Of course, we'll have to cut the kid in,
and his cousin, too.

But even so, Yucatan!
Hot, dry, clean...
:58:41 crowd, no noise.
Doing what we came to do.
-How much can we get for the car?

Is that all?
Enough to pay the bills.
Hotel, bar, groceries.

And with what's left over,
I bought us two bus tickets...