In Cold Blood

He's got a cousin in Yucatan, a fisherman.
-And he's got a powerboat.

So, we drive to Yucatan, we sell the car...
:58:12 us a load of deepsea diving gear...
...and ''pow,'' we hit the Cortés jackpot.
$60 million in Spanish gold.
Of course, we'll have to cut the kid in,
and his cousin, too.

But even so, Yucatan!
Hot, dry, clean...
:58:41 crowd, no noise.
Doing what we came to do.
-How much can we get for the car?

Is that all?
Enough to pay the bills.
Hotel, bar, groceries.

And with what's left over,
I bought us two bus tickets...

:59:01 far as Barstow, California.
After that, we walk.

So get rid of that ton and a half of garbage.
Ship it! Dump it! Burn it! I don't care.
Only get rid of it, by tonight.
'Cause come tomorrow, we're gone.

-Back to the States.
-Now listen.

You listen! I've had it!
You, your maps, fishing boats,
buried treasure, all of it!

Everything! Stop jacking off.
There isn't any caskets of gold.
No buried treasure.

And even if there was, hell, boy,
you can't even swim.

You want to stick with me, okay.
You wanna split, that's okay, too.
Only make up your mind.
-I'll ship our stuff back to Vegas.

I got a little señorita coming over tonight.
I'll try to be finished packing
before you get back.