In Cold Blood

As God is my witness,
may I burn in hell forever...

...if I ever killed anybody.
Careful, boy.
Got an aspirin?
How's it going?
Three hours and all we've got so far is:
''No. I don't remember. Ask Dick.''
We've caught that hard-nosed little punk
in 50 lies and he still admits nothing.

I think our boy's about primed and ready.
I hope you're right.
Why do all you people get tattooed?
''All you people''?
-What people?
-Convicts. You're all tattooed.

That tiger head. What does it do?
Make you feel tough?

That cop's badge, what does it do?
Make you feel honest?

Everybody's got a tattoo.
Only you people call them clubs.
Elks, Masons, Boy Scouts. Salute.
High sign. Low sign.

Secret this and secret that.
''No trespassing. Keep off the grass.''

Nice, respectable, tattoo clubs.
Poker clubs, golf clubs, tennis clubs.
Clubs for gambling and clubs for drinking.
Even a real club like Daddy-O's got
in that little brown bag.

What you gonna do, pappy?
Club it out of me?

Something like that.
I said you made three mistakes.
First, you left a living witness.
Second, your alibi won't hold water.
And third?
Coming up.