In Cold Blood

That tiger head. What does it do?
Make you feel tough?

That cop's badge, what does it do?
Make you feel honest?

Everybody's got a tattoo.
Only you people call them clubs.
Elks, Masons, Boy Scouts. Salute.
High sign. Low sign.

Secret this and secret that.
''No trespassing. Keep off the grass.''

Nice, respectable, tattoo clubs.
Poker clubs, golf clubs, tennis clubs.
Clubs for gambling and clubs for drinking.
Even a real club like Daddy-O's got
in that little brown bag.

What you gonna do, pappy?
Club it out of me?

Something like that.
I said you made three mistakes.
First, you left a living witness.
Second, your alibi won't hold water.
And third?
Coming up.
Made in the spot
where Mr. Clutter was murdered.

These are the shoes that made them.
This footprint...
...was made in Mr. Clutter's blood.
Perry's shoe.
Same cat's paw. Same size. Same blood.
All right, Dick. This time the truth.
I don't want to be charged
with murder one...

...because I never pulled the trigger.
I don't even know
what the goddamn hell was happening.