In Like Flint

Well, Melvin, I was exaggerating.
We don't actually have him,
but we know where he is going.
The Virgin Islands.
Melvin, you know we got
no fights there. Only to Cuba.

Melvin, what would Flint
want in Cuba?

[Beeping Continues]
[Chickens Clucking]
Senora, para usted.
[Speaking Russian]
Para los pilotos.
- [Russian]
- Gracias. Gracias.

¿ Como esta, pilotos?
Para usted y usted.
¡ Que bueno!
Es de Havana. Mmm, muy bueno.
What's going on?
I mention Flint is in Moscow,

the president can hardly
wait to get rid of me.

People I've never even heard of
are placed in key positions,
new faces everywhere.

Even the date of my hearing postponed.
I tell you, if Flint is right...
and we've been infiltrated,
we're in real danger.
I'm being electrocuted. [Muttering]
If you'll stop talking, sir,
I believe I can pry it out.

- Take it easy.
- I think I've got it, sir.