Yes, I'm up.
When one gets up,
one has to eat something.

So I thought perhaps you'd come
and sit at the table?

I'd like some hot water.
- I can't even think of food.
- The samovar is hot.

I'm very sorry,
Madame Vavilova,

but you seem
to be pregnant.

I would've gotten rid of him,
but it was too late.

I haven't been off the horseback
for three months.

I've drunk so much iodine
from our army dispensary.

He's like
a knife in my heart.

He's wasting me,
even my palms get all sweaty.

Oh, my God, this woman
has lost her mind.

Your words will make
even stones cry.

One shouldn't say such things
even about the children of his enemy.

And you're speaking
of your own flesh and blood!

Where's the samovar?
I'll bring it.

Are you out of your mind?
Lifting such a locomotive
in your condition!

It weighs no less
than three poods!

Please, come on in,
Madame Vavilova.

Sit down on that chair,
this one has a shaky leg.

I've got my own sugar,
from my ration.