Les Demoiselles de Rochefort

Dutrouz's right:
there's trouble everywhere.

Why this urge to fight all the time?
I forgot my beret.
So long, Maxence!
Who's that?
Maxence. A painter
doing his military service.

Get down! I told you
not to walk on the tables!

Leaving already?
I'm going home. 'Bye, Mom!
Come for dinner tomorrow.
Dutrouz will be there.

- Who's Dutrouz?
- Don't know him?

A friend of Gramps'
from back in '24.

They met last week
for the first time in 40 years!

- See you tomorrow.
- Till then!

You again?
Your sister's charming.
- She's my daughter.
- Her, too?

I had twins by a first lover,
but they're not identical.

Then I had Booboo, much later.
Another lover...
Be polite, I'm not in the mood.
We aren't either. We've got trouble.
- Is that so?
- The girls left us.

- The girls?
- The ones you saw this morning.

They do a number for us,
not bad in fact, to draw customers.

The Asian shimmy.
That's right.
So now we're up the creek.

You won't find anyone here
to do an Asian shimmy.

That, or something else.
Your daughters could help us.
Don't count on it!
They can dance, no?
Delphine dances...
Solange sol-fas. She writes music.
She can dance, too.

- But they won't do it.
- Think so?

I'm sure of it. With their talent,
they won't rot here.

Next week they're off to Paris.
- What'll it be?
- White wine?

Two glasses.