Les Demoiselles de Rochefort

Excuse me, sir, I'm looking for
A certain piano store.

- I never buy any.
- But that's plain silly!

Painting's more in my chords,
I play on canvas, not keyboards.

Well, music is my line
But I think painting, too, is fine.

I'll tell you what I think,
You and I are in the pink.

I've really got to run,
I've got a train at one.

My leave is immi-Nantes.
Immi-Nantes leave!
That's one I can't believe!
- sorry, Miss.
- Excuse me, sir.

I'm so remiss.
Let me help. Are you hurt?

No, but if you're in a rush,
No need to make a fuss.

I don't mean to be a pain
But I've been searching in vain
For a guy named Dame

Who runs a piano store.
What a silly name!
- Nice man, though.
- I don't say no.

- But it's funny all the same.
- That's not why I came.

A name tells you nothing,
it's like a face.

I may look dumb
but I'm no basket case.

It's not that I'm so giddy,
I've been on a shopping spree.

But I'm a nice girl at heart.
Oh, yes, you're looking for
Your friend's music store.

Turn left here,
then take second right.

Thanks for the precious tip.
sorry, I have to run,
I have an appointment at one.