To Sir, with Love

Those are out.
They are useless to you.
l realized you are not children.
You will be adults in a few weeks,
with all the responsibilities.

From now on, you will be treated
as such by me and by each other...

:30:39 adults.
Responsible adults.

Next, we´ll be reasonable
with each other.

We are just going to talk,
you and l.

You are going to listen
without interruption.

And when l am finished,
one of you may have your say.

Without interruptions.
What a morning!
Everything´s gone wrong.

First, the alarm didn´t go off.
Then l had to wait hours for a bus.

l must have stood there
three bleeding hours...

There are two ways to enter a room.
One is like an adult,
a lady with dignity.

The other is like a brat.
Miss Dare has shown us the second way.
Perhaps you´d demonstrate the first.

l´m sorry l´m late.