To Sir, with Love

l didn´t understand a word.
Well, l don´t always understand
what you say either.

But the point is, if you work hard,
you can do almost anything.

You can get any job you want.
You can even change your speech
if you want to.

After l got my degree...
...l went to work in South America
for an oil company.

The only women in that region...
...were jungle lndians who carried
blowpipes and poison darts.

You could have broke my hands.
We were discussing marriage.
To my mind, marriage is
no way of life for the weak...

...the selfish...
...or the insecure.
What´s the matter, Weston?
These damn fool Americans!
They bog up everything
they´re connected with.

What a shower!
l´ll never forgive the President for
not coming to Churchill´s funeral...

...nor sending the vice president.
Rotten bad manners.

- Lt was very naughty.
- L quite agree.

A typically stupid, appalling
and unnecessary mistake.

- What can you expect?
- Still beefing?

Give them a chance.
They´ve not been in the business...

...of leading the world
as long as Britain was.

You continue to astonish me,
old chum.

l should thought
if anyone took a point of...

Now what?
Miss Pegg wants to know
if the netball´s fixed.

Miss who?
Barbara Pegg.
Miss Pegg, Sir.

Here you are, Fernman.
Thank you, Sir.
What´s going on in
this classroom of yours?

Suburban formality? Lt´s a bit
foreign in this neck of the woods.

Some sort of experiment
in culture for the masses?

lt´s an elementary
experiment in courtesy.

And do we ignorant critters
have to follow suit?