Two for the Road

Of course.
Who was she?
What do you mean?
Her name was Cathy Seligman,
if you must know.

She was selfish, grasping,

materialistic, stubborn,

I was crazy about her.
Lucky for you,
you'll never meet her.

She's now Mrs. Howard Manchester.
I always knew you two
had to meet.

"There's only one drawback,"
Howard said.

"We'll have to go to Greece. "
- Remember saying that, Howie?
- Yes.

"Drawback," Of course
I absolutely flipped.

Howie, come off it.
After landing in London, first
thing was to get in touch with you.

I never thought you newlyweds would
want to travel with us ancients.

We don't care who we travel
with frankly.

Hey, tell me something.
Mommy, do snakes have nipples?
No they don't, Ruthie.
Do they, Howie?

No, they don't.
She's hooked on nature.
It's wonderful you two
were free to come with us.

I know we're all going to be
terrific friends.

Joanna, you know Mark
used to be my favourite beau.

Second favourite.
That was before you came on
the scenario, Howie.

Of course.
- Well, why don't they?
- Why don't who what?

Snakes have nipples.
Because they lay eggs.
Cathy, did you remember to pack
the anti-snake serum?

Mark, do you remember
David Lewinson?

No, David?
It was Woody Lewinson.
He's become a fine physician
in New York city

and he gave Howie a course
on how to treat snake bites.

How to inject the serum
subcutaneously and all that.