- You're crazy.
- Now, you're not gonna be...

...praying and crying and all that stuff?
You'll just hold up the procedure.

Won't make it any easier
for me or you.

- This one Bishop, sheriff?
Yeah, that's him.

- You rode with Quantrill, did you?
- All the way.

And at Lawrence, Kansas?
- You were in on that?
- I was there.

You must have made your mother
mighty proud.

I never harmed a woman or a child.
We're planning on high noon tomorrow,
if that suits you.

That'll be fine.
You know, sheriff,
when a man in my professiĆ³n...

...gets a chance to work with equipment
like that, it just makes him proud.

- Uh-huh.
- You're expecting a big crowd, I imagine?

It's a free country.
Folks got a right to watch a hanging.

Well, then I'd like to advise you
about two things, sheriff.

I've found out from bitter experience
that when folks come for a hanging...

...all guns should be confiscated
until after...

...and all saloons should be closed.
- Well, I'll see what I can do.
- Good.

These men deserve to hang...
...but they don't deserve to hang sober
while drunks stand around watching.

That man sure...
...loves his work.
- I'll bed your horses, Mr. Grimes.
- Fine.

These ropes stay with me.
Her name's Maria Stoner, hangman.
One of the men you're gonna send away
tomorrow killed her husband.

Have that sorrel ready for me
in the morning, huh?