- Uh-huh.
- You're expecting a big crowd, I imagine?

It's a free country.
Folks got a right to watch a hanging.

Well, then I'd like to advise you
about two things, sheriff.

I've found out from bitter experience
that when folks come for a hanging...

...all guns should be confiscated
until after...

...and all saloons should be closed.
- Well, I'll see what I can do.
- Good.

These men deserve to hang...
...but they don't deserve to hang sober
while drunks stand around watching.

That man sure...
...loves his work.
- I'll bed your horses, Mr. Grimes.
- Fine.

These ropes stay with me.
Her name's Maria Stoner, hangman.
One of the men you're gonna send away
tomorrow killed her husband.

Have that sorrel ready for me
in the morning, huh?

And this is the last one, Mrs. Stoner.
Well, the unfortunate
demise of your husband...

...has left you quite a sizable estate.
You mean the death of my husband
has made me...

...the wealthiest woman
in this county.

Well, that's quite a jump for a little...
...girl from south of the border.
I have to be going.
Mrs. Stoner, it might be wise
if we discussed...

...the disposition of your ranch.
- Disposition?

Yes. Several weeks ago
I had a discussiĆ³n...

...with Nathan about a possible sale.
I made him an offer.

- He seemed quite agreeable.
- The ranch is not for sale.

- You don't expect to live out there...
- I intend to keep it.

But you don't intend to run it.
No woman in her right mind
would attempt to operate...

...a 150,000-acre spread.