And this is the last one, Mrs. Stoner.
Well, the unfortunate
demise of your husband...

...has left you quite a sizable estate.
You mean the death of my husband
has made me...

...the wealthiest woman
in this county.

Well, that's quite a jump for a little...
...girl from south of the border.
I have to be going.
Mrs. Stoner, it might be wise
if we discussed...

...the disposition of your ranch.
- Disposition?

Yes. Several weeks ago
I had a discussiĆ³n...

...with Nathan about a possible sale.
I made him an offer.

- He seemed quite agreeable.
- The ranch is not for sale.

- You don't expect to live out there...
- I intend to keep it.

But you don't intend to run it.
No woman in her right mind
would attempt to operate...

...a 150,000-acre spread.
Whether or not I succeed
in operating it, Mr. Carter...

:21:05 not your concern.
I can take care of myself.

I think you overestimate your ability,
Mrs. Stoner.

Perhaps I do.
Good day, Mr. Carter.
Mr. Carter, I was a whore at 13...
...and my family of 12
never went hungry.

When you figure
we'll make our play, Dee?

- Not tonight.
- We don't do something tonight...

...we're gonna hang tomorrow.
- You got any ideas?

- No, but you should.
- Well, I do, old man, so shut up.

Hey, laddie, tell me:
What miracle are you going to perform
when the sun comes up, huh?

All right. Step up and get it.