Whether or not I succeed
in operating it, Mr. Carter...

:21:05 not your concern.
I can take care of myself.

I think you overestimate your ability,
Mrs. Stoner.

Perhaps I do.
Good day, Mr. Carter.
Mr. Carter, I was a whore at 13...
...and my family of 12
never went hungry.

When you figure
we'll make our play, Dee?

- Not tonight.
- We don't do something tonight...

...we're gonna hang tomorrow.
- You got any ideas?

- No, but you should.
- Well, I do, old man, so shut up.

Hey, laddie, tell me:
What miracle are you going to perform
when the sun comes up, huh?

All right. Step up and get it.
Same damn chili and beans.
Did you ever hear of beefsteak?

Beefsteak, my ass.
Hell, pork chops up
15 cents a pound...

...and the man's talking about
he wants beefsteak.

Nice night, isn't it, Mrs. Stoner?
Oh, I'm sorry.

How do you know my name?
I get the idea just about everybody
around here knows your name.

I'm very pleased to meet you.