I'm... I apologize for the intrusiĆ³n.
I'm being a little forward, and I...

Oh, please. Don't go.
- You are the hangman, aren't you?
- Well, I'm...

Hear them in there?
Getting all liquored up
for the big day tomorrow.

Celebration over the death
of fellow human beings.

That is a strange thought
for a hangman.

- Do you have a family?
- A brother. He's all that's left.

It was the war, Mrs. Stoner.
The war took our family. Almost took
me, but I'm a pretty fast runner.

Good night.
Good night.
- I didn't know him...

...but I'm sorry about your husband,
Mrs. Stoner.

I'm sorry.
Thank you.
Gonna be a big day tomorrow, Roscoe.
Better get some sleep.

Mrs. Stoner.
- Maria.
- Yes.

Do you mind
if I come in for a minute?

Well, I would prefer you didn't...
- I won't take but a minute, ma'am.

What is it, sheriff?
My friends call me July, ma'am.
I wish you were one.