Mace, if you're ever alone
with Pop and his little boy...

...don't you turn your back on them.
- I know.

I can't decide which of us
they hate the most.

- Oh, it's you.
- I think you're right.

Mace, I ain't had a chance to tell you,
but it sure is real good to see you again.

And sometimes I think back
to how it used to be with you and me.

- You remember when...?
- Dee, that was yesterday.

Now, let's talk about today.
All right. What about today?
Now, why do you ride
with men like these?

Oh, I don't know. I just got used to it,
I guess, through the years.

You know, you begin to go one way
and keep on going that way...

...pretty soon, there's no other way.
You really believe that?
No, I guess not.
You sure are pretty.
- Pretty.

A pretty woman ain't good
for nothing but smelling sweet...

...and laying around the house.
Just so pretty.
Is it after a little kiss you are, Babe?
Oh, he's a great kisser, ma'am.

He's the best damn lady-kisser
in the whole of Texas.

Leave the woman alone.
Hell, he wouldn't harm a hair
on her head, laddie.

She's a lady. Treat her like one.
It's time you got some sleep.