You sure are pretty.
- Pretty.

A pretty woman ain't good
for nothing but smelling sweet...

...and laying around the house.
Just so pretty.
Is it after a little kiss you are, Babe?
Oh, he's a great kisser, ma'am.

He's the best damn lady-kisser
in the whole of Texas.

Leave the woman alone.
Hell, he wouldn't harm a hair
on her head, laddie.

She's a lady. Treat her like one.
It's time you got some sleep.
How far are we going, July?
I mean, are we just gonna...
...keep following them
till we come up on them...

...or what?
No matter how far they go?

That's right.
Suppose they just keep
going on forever?

Then we'll just keep going on forever.
What if we lose them?
There's only a couple of places
they could be headed.

There's only a couple of places
with water.

I won't lose them.
I'll find them, or I'll find their bones,
but I won't lose them.