- He's there. Professor Ping?
- Professor Ping?

- Yes?
- My name is Barbarella.

Tell me. What is your origin?
You have the aspect of an earthling.
You are of female gender, right?

That is correct.
- Is that an orchid?
- Yes.

Orchids have very little food value
and are hard to grow in this climate.

It amuses the Great Tyrant to resent
the expense of feeding orchids to slaves.

- What kind of place is this?
- That is Sogo, the City of Night...

...ruled by the Great Tyrant
and dedicated to evil in every form.

And this is the labyrinth.
All that is not evil is exiled
to the labyrinth.

- Who is that gentleman?
- That is a Grand Grotesque.

That's the classic way
of ending life in the labyrinth.

Professor Ping, have you ever heard
of Duran Duran?

Duran Duran from Earth?
Yes, indeed.

- He's alive? Where?
- In Sogo, no doubt.

I must go there at once.
But as you've seen,
no one may leave the labyrinth.

- I have a spaceship, if only it worked.
- My child, perhaps I can help you.