Brilliantovaya ruka

Oh, my eye? It’s nothing,
it’s getting better.

Senya, how’s your arm?
No pain?

Can you move your fingers?
No, no, the other arm.

Good, you’ll be okay.
You’re his friend.
Please, use your influence.

He doesn’t take his arm seriously.
You know what’s wrong with daddy’s
arm? It’s not what he tells everybody.

And what is it?
He’s got a compound fracture,
not a closed one.

Now go to your mama.
Senya, let’s go trout fishing with me.
To the Black Stones. We’ll rent
a boat and spend the night there, huh?

No, not for the night.
My arm might catch cold.

- Let’s go in the morning.
- Anything you say.

- So, at the crack of dawn then?
- Right!

What are you doing?!
Put down the gun
and apologize this very minute!

Such a charming child!
Our fashions were created by
designer Margarita Semyonova,
architect Rogal Levitskaya,
chief designer
Albert Mudrik.

Here is our summer combination
outfit ‘Universal-69’,

which earned a prize of encouragement
at the regional modern garment forum
in Zhitomir.

The original feature of this model
being that you can very easily
change the coat into a jacket.