Dom kallar oss mods

And there were
a lot of escapes there

and finally I ended up in Lövsta.
And no chance to show
you could behave there either,

only escapes and stuff there,
and in 1964 I was sentenced
to a youth prison.

And what I didn't know
when I got there, I got taught:

both school and prison, you know.
A trade school for thieves,
you know,

you learn everything you don't know.
That's all wrong,
I think you should go right to prison,

and there you'll get
another view of life.

I know what
I'm talking about anyway,

since I've been
locked up for ten years

in different institutions and such.
There was a little trouble
in the prison when I was there

and there was a little brawl
and I got another year out of it.

And then I ended up in jail
outside Stockholm

where I did nine months
and then I was...

This is Tompa.
I met him the day after he got
out of prison.

But he wasn't out long.
A month later I found out
he'd goofed again.

He pinched a car and got nine more.
When I got out I should get a job,
but I had no training or anything,
the prison was supposed to find me
a job and get me into a trade school.