Dom kallar oss mods

But nowthey feel great.
I know for a fact.

Why do you think
they'll be alcoholics?

Yeah, I can't explain it,
but you can see:

Stoffe's old lady was an alcoholic
and Kenta's was a real wino.

Those guys are boozing every day,
they won't last long.

When you start young, it's really
easy to become an alcoholic.

-Are you going to make it, then?

-Don't you think so?

-What are you gonna do about it, then?
-Nothing. I don't have to.

Won't you have a hard time
if you don't?

Sure, but I don't have to suffer,
if I don't want to.

Aren't you scared?
No, I've been expecting it.
How so?
If you act free, the authorities
don't tolerate it.

They've got the power,
and they don't want you
to run around and stuff.

But you care about Kenta and Stoffe,
but not about yourself.

-How do you care about it?
-I care about myself, too.

You're not afraid of not making it.