Dom kallar oss mods

Once, he even tried to kill
me with a tie.

That was the first time
I hit him, but I had to.

It was either him or me,
so I really slammed him.

I was playing the guitar
in front of the TV

while waiting for something
to come on.

He was bombed in the kitchen:
"Either the guitar or TV," he said.
And then he turned it off.
Then I turned it on.

This went on for a while.
He sat down on a chair. I got up...
Then he whipped off his tie.
So I had to hit him.
I really enjoyed it.
'Cause he hit ma when...
Once he got pissed and threw
two year old Benny at the wall.

Now he says he never did it;
we're all lying.

Last year in school, mom never
woke me so I couldn't stay with it.

This is no fun, you know.
But if they had thought
a little about my education,

I might have been a bit better.
I could have gone to trade school.
'Cause I'm not stupid,
I just didn't study.

There was
always such a damn racket.

If it had been more quiet...
Well, never mind, I know
I'm gonna be a great man,

but maybe I could have had
some success in school.