Dom kallar oss mods

Now he says he never did it;
we're all lying.

Last year in school, mom never
woke me so I couldn't stay with it.

This is no fun, you know.
But if they had thought
a little about my education,

I might have been a bit better.
I could have gone to trade school.
'Cause I'm not stupid,
I just didn't study.

There was
always such a damn racket.

If it had been more quiet...
Well, never mind, I know
I'm gonna be a great man,

but maybe I could have had
some success in school.

You were always kind of pushed
aside like...

Just because you were little,
though you were damn old.

Now I'm so damn hardened that
I don't give a damn what they say.

But I used
to be much softer, you know.

I could hang my head for weeks.
They really hit me where it hurts.
They didn't say things
like "you blockhead",

that's just a stupid thing you say,
but there were other things
like "angel-haired",

and that really hit me.