Dom kallar oss mods

You were always kind of pushed
aside like...

Just because you were little,
though you were damn old.

Now I'm so damn hardened that
I don't give a damn what they say.

But I used
to be much softer, you know.

I could hang my head for weeks.
They really hit me where it hurts.
They didn't say things
like "you blockhead",

that's just a stupid thing you say,
but there were other things
like "angel-haired",

and that really hit me.
It wasn't until my last year in school
that I started to hit back,

'cause when I was little
I just said OK to everything

instead of: "What the hell
did you say, you bastard".

I was so damn mushy
that I didn't dare.

When I was little
I wanted to be a baker.

I experimented
with a whole bunch of stuff.

I really went in for it,
but it didn't work out