Dom kallar oss mods

since they didn't give
a damn about me.

But if it had worked out
the way I'd planned,

maybe I'd have had some future
to look forward to.

When I came to EoshäIl, my nerves...
What the hell am I going
to sit here for, I thought.

It all happened
because my old man died.

And ma has
some trouble with the bureau

since they know she's boozing.
That's why they got me.
I know a guy
who was busted 19 times,

but he got off since he was in school.
Just 'cause I didn't have
those possibilities, they nailed me.

I only came home once in a while,
and there were parties,
so I couldn't sleep at night.

Now I don't give a damn.
Why should I work like a beast,
when they're just pigs.

Maybe I could have made it
with their help.

I could have been a baker,
eat a few cakes and stuff.

Could have been a gas.
The Welfare Bureau first
contacted me when I was 15.

We pinched a motorcycle
and went for a ride,

my buddy was driving and the cops
started to chase us.

One of our pals saw us
and the bike belonged to his buddy,
so he called the cops.

I jumped off and split,
scared to death.

Later, when mom was in the hospital,