Histoires extraordinaires

out of curiosity.
I remind you that a doctor
is also a sorcerer.

We shall seek life
in the depths of matter.

And now I have the pleasure
of dissecting before you

a human body
which has always been
the dream of priests,

poets or philosophers.
To be precise, I shall open
a human heart.

If we were dealing with
a live body,

we'd process in this fashion.
Going laterally from the sternum,
between the 6th and 7th rib,

we'd find the apex of the heart.
But in the present case,
we shall section

all the ribs of the sub-auxiliary
region on the left

and the right
as far as the sternum.

Then we will separate
the diaphragm

and fold back the rib cage.
This will reveal the contents
of the thoracic cavity.

The heart, gentlemen,
is a hollow muscle

composed essentially of a firm
ventricular mass

and a softer auricular mass.
This pump
which gives forth
as much as it receives,

has come to be seen
as a symbol

of courage and generosity.
Does Mr. Wilson have
a comment?

No. In that case,
we may proceed.

Thank you!