Ice Station Zebra

Wardroom, this is Lieutenant Mingus.
Is the captain there?

- Captain.
- Mr. Vaslov.

It's fascinating. All this power.
- I thought you might be lost.
- Me? Never.

I am out exploring.
That is my passion.
Also, I am a man who loves to walk.
As a matter of fact...
...I must walk
in order to prevent the effect of...

...what is that word?
- You know, the...
- Claustrophobia.

Claustrophobia. Yes, yes.
A complaint I cannot share
with you or your men.

But a lot of us like to walk.
We can share that much.

Next time, you might ask one of us along.
Of course. I am sorry, captain...
...if I have committed some transgression.
I do hope you do not object
to my interest in your boat.

No. Ask any question you like.
Well, naturally there is one that I must ask.