Le Gendarme se marie

At ease.
Gentlemen, today is the big day.
Pay attention.

Today is the first of July,
the start of the summer holidays.

Around midnight, the big rush of
the holiday makers has started.

They'll walk straight into our arms...
...but in doing so they will drive
over our women and children.

They'll mock us, sergeant.
They'll recognise us from afar.
- Take off your uniforms.

Oh no, not like with those nudists.
Fougasse, stop that.
No, sergeant, not that again.
- Stop it.

The prefect orders police action in
civilian clothes in the whole department.

We have to be ready in two hours.
Cruchot, your instructions. You can go.
To the right. Forward, march.
Cruchot. Tact, effectiveness,
but, above all, no hair-splitting.

One will cross the yellow
line sooner or later.