That's regulations for you.
Hurry up.
I can't take this fiddling
around much longer.

We've only been here
two weeks, -

- and in two days
we won't have any more work.

In 2 days
we can twiddle our thumbs.

You are always napping anyway.
Don't be angry.
All work doesn't have to go
so fast.

Here are peaches.
Not peashes, but peaches.
Please take seat.
I'll make my round on the bike.
I'm not the best guard.
There's hardly any goat's milk.
So we have to drink
black coffee.

- Aha.
- Aha, what?

I've always said -
- that goat's milk is shit;
it tastes like he-goat.

Besides, she doesn't give
any milk.

Maybe we should sell her.
Who would buy her?
She's as old as Methuselah.
The founders
probably brought her.

A pity.
I imagined everything
to be so nice.

A goat that gives milk,
hens that lay eggs.

I imagined
a pretty little garden.

But this place
is too dry for that.

Well, Becker, what's up?
Has the goat given any milk?
Found any eggs?