- I thought you weren't coming.
- Why? I'm not late, am I?

Very near.
- I nearly was, though.
- What do yer mean?

Our Jud, he's taken t'bike.
- What you gonna do, then?
- Walk it.

- How long d'yer think that's gonna take?
- It'll not take me long.

There's a waiting list a mile long
for that job. Good lads, too, most of 'em.

- From up Firs Hill, round there.
- I haven't let you down, have I?

- Mornin'.
- Mornin'. Not very promisin'.

- A bit on the nippy side as well, I think.
- Aye.

- 20 Players tipped, please.
- Oh, right.

- I've not got 20. Will two tens do?
- Yes. That'll be quite all right, thank you.

Thank you. Right. Cheerio.
- Cheerio. Good mornin', sir.
- Good mornin'.

You know what they said
when I took you on?

"You'll have to keep yer eyes open now.
He'll take yer breath if you're not careful."

- I haven't taken owt of yours yet, have I?
- I haven't given you a chance, that's why.

You don't have to.
I haven't been nicking for ages now.

- Ah, well, don't stand about all day.
- I'm goin'.