Thank you. Right. Cheerio.
- Cheerio. Good mornin', sir.
- Good mornin'.

You know what they said
when I took you on?

"You'll have to keep yer eyes open now.
He'll take yer breath if you're not careful."

- I haven't taken owt of yours yet, have I?
- I haven't given you a chance, that's why.

You don't have to.
I haven't been nicking for ages now.

- Ah, well, don't stand about all day.
- I'm goin'.

- How tha goin' on?
- Not so bad.

Get one of these. Better than walkin'.
Only just. I could go
faster on a kid's scooter.

Tha knows what I always say; third-class
ridin's better than first-class walkin'.

Third-class ridin'? In that ramshack?
Ramshack? This is one of best models
t'dairy's got. Cheeky! Sithee tomorrow.

- Can only go 20 mile an hour, as it is.
- Tha's got too much rattle, thee.