"Desperate Dan is stronger than all,
but this opponent makes him fall."

"- Right! Where do you want to fight?
- Right here!"

"Down I go again!
What's making me fall?"

"Now's my chance to -
jump on his chest!"

"You won't catch me out this time,
you braggart!"

"A sock in the midriff
will settle your game!"

"What's this on my face?
Why, it's grease!"

"- Give me that tube back!
- That's how he kept making me slip!"

"He was squirting
invisible grease under my feet!"

"You dirty twister!
It's time somebody taught you a lesson!"

"- Take that!

"- Where did he end up?
- In the middle of next week, Uncle Dan!"

- Evenin'.
- I told yer it wouldn't take me long.

What did you do?
Throw 'em over the gates?

- I know some short cuts ont' way back.
- I'll bet you do! Over other folk's property.

How many times d'yer want
tellin' where to put that bag?

- Time is it?
- Time you were at school.

ls it that late?
I wouldn't be your teacher
for all the coal in Barnsley.

Oh, Mr Porter! Watch it, Mr Porter.
Yer clumsy young bugger!
What yer tryin' to do? Kill me?