- Now, then. What's tha doin'?
- Nowt.

Bugger off, then. It's private property.
- Can I get up to that kestrel's nest?
- What kestrel's nest?

- Up wall.
- No nest up there, so off tha goes.

There is. I've seen 'em come out.
What will tha do? Take all its eggs?
- They're young 'uns.
- Nowt to go up for, then, is there?

Can I come to t'bottom, then?
Never seen a kestrel's nest before.

Come on, then.
There it is. That big hole.
- It's nested there for donkey's years now.
- And I never knew.

- No, there's not many that does.
- Been watchin' from t'wood there.

Goes onto t'post, then hovers,
then swoops down onto t'prey,
carries it off to t'young 'uns. Looks great.

I've been gonna knock
that wall down for ages.

- What for?
- It's dangerous. I won't let her play near.

- lf I lived round here, l'd train a young 'un.
- Would yer?

Yer can train 'em.
Do yer know how?
- Do you know?
- No. There's not many that does.

They're hard to train.
lf they're not kept properly, it's criminal.

- Do yer know anybody who's kept 'em?
- One or two.

But, er, they had to let 'em go
because they're hard to train.

Where can I find out about 'em, then?
Well, probably t'public library.
They'll have some books on 'em.

- Where's that?
- Down int' city.

Hey, are you a member?