There it is. That big hole.
- It's nested there for donkey's years now.
- And I never knew.

- No, there's not many that does.
- Been watchin' from t'wood there.

Goes onto t'post, then hovers,
then swoops down onto t'prey,
carries it off to t'young 'uns. Looks great.

I've been gonna knock
that wall down for ages.

- What for?
- It's dangerous. I won't let her play near.

- lf I lived round here, l'd train a young 'un.
- Would yer?

Yer can train 'em.
Do yer know how?
- Do you know?
- No. There's not many that does.

They're hard to train.
lf they're not kept properly, it's criminal.

- Do yer know anybody who's kept 'em?
- One or two.

But, er, they had to let 'em go
because they're hard to train.

Where can I find out about 'em, then?
Well, probably t'public library.
They'll have some books on 'em.

- Where's that?
- Down int' city.

Hey, are you a member?
- What do yer mean?
- Are you a member of the library?

I don't know about that.
I only want a book on falconry.

You have to be a member
to take a book out.

- I only want one.
- Have you filled one of these forms in?

- No.
- You're not a member, then.

You'll have to take one of these home
for your father to sign.

- Me dad's away.
- You can wait till he comes back home.

- I don't mean that. I mean he's left home.
- I see. Your mother'll have to sign it.

Ar, but she's at work
and she'll not be home till tea time.

There's no rush, is there?
I've never broke a book.
I haven't tore it, or...

Look at your hands. They're filthy.
We'll end up with dirty books that way.

- I don't ready dirty books.
- I hope you don't. You're not old enough.

Me mam knows someone who
works here. That'll help, won't it?

No, not at all.
You still have to have the back signed.

To be a member, you'll have
to have somebody over 21

who is on the borough
electoral roll to sign it.

- I'm over 21 .
- You're not over 21 .