These could have done
with a bit of a polish.

Still, never mind, it's gonna be dark soon.
What you gonna do
with yerself tonight, love?

Read me book.
Oh, look at t'time. Five to seven.
I'm gonna be late again.

Listen, Billy, there's two bob here. Chuck?
Get yerself some pop
and some crisps. D'yer hear?

- And don't still be up when I come in.
- No.

G'night, then.
# I came home unexpectedly
# And caught her crying needlessly
# In the middle of the day
# And it was in the early spring
when flowers bloom and robins sing

# She went away
# And honey, I miss you
# And I'm bein' good
# And l'd love to be with you
lf only I could
Folks, thank you.

Now a Tremeloes number.
Yer can have a good time up to a point,
but there comes a time
when you want to settle down.

I'm gettin' a bit fed up
of workin' all t'time.

There's plenty of time
to settle down, in't there?

Depends what yer lookin' for, dun't it?
I just like to come home, get me meal,
get a bath, change and out, me.

Not a care int' world.
When you've been married once
and yer marry a wrong 'un,

it makes yer a bit apprehensive
towards gettin'...