# And honey, I miss you
# And I'm bein' good
# And l'd love to be with you
lf only I could
Folks, thank you.

Now a Tremeloes number.
Yer can have a good time up to a point,
but there comes a time
when you want to settle down.

I'm gettin' a bit fed up
of workin' all t'time.

There's plenty of time
to settle down, in't there?

Depends what yer lookin' for, dun't it?
I just like to come home, get me meal,
get a bath, change and out, me.

Not a care int' world.
When you've been married once
and yer marry a wrong 'un,

it makes yer a bit apprehensive
towards gettin'...

Well, you know, don't yer?
Cos he were never good.

But it makes yer a bit more wary
about gettin' married again.

lf she wants to go with a different bloke,
it's not up to me.

She's old enough to know her own mind.
- Well, yeah...
- ..settle down.

You can never tell with Billy. I sit
and wonder sometimes what he will do.

Perhaps if he had been brought up
in a different environment

and had a better education, he would
have made more than what he has.

At the moment, he's hopeless.
He's a hopeless case, in't he?

# Oh, won't you please come back?
# Oh, won't you please come back?
I'm happy as I am.
I doubt if I could be any happier.

My lads have got nowt.
I don't know what they're gonna do.

I don't know whether
our Jud wanted to be a miner.

From my point of view, Reg, when
a woman gets to my age, you've two kids,

you want to be settlin' down
wi' a nice house