No. Charlton today, lad.
All over the field. Too cold for striker.

Charlton's not as quick
ont' turn as Law, is he?

- You tryin' to tell me about football?
- No. l...

You trying to tell me? Anyway,
Denis Law's in the wash this week.

- Nobody's in goal, sir.
- No goalie, sir.

- Who's in the goals?
- Casper.

- Casper, what position are you playing?
- Don't know, sir. lnside left?

How can you be inside left
back there, idiot? In the goals.

- I can't...
- Now's your chance to learn. In the goals.

Quick about it.
- We're Manchester United. Who are you?
- Spurs, then there's no clash of colours.

Right, then, it's Manchester United versus
Spurs in this cup tie here at Old Trafford.

And it's the fair-haired,
slightly balding Charlton to kick off.

Come on, Speed.
What you playin' at, lad?

Yer should be on the move, lad.
lt was at yer feet!

Cross it, Ryder. Quickly.
Where's t'rest of my team?
Come on, quickly, Casper. I've never
seen such slack work in my life.

- What's that for, sir?
- Slack work, lad. Slack work.

Hit that ball up the field, Parker.
I have to keep this shirt on after.
Cross the ball!
And Charlton goes through, and...
Oh, never! Never!
- Penalty!
- Never.

Who do you think you are? Bremner?
- Penalty.
- No, it weren't, sir!

Outside that semicircle.