Has Casper had a shower?
What you fooling about at, lad?
Has Casper had a shower?

- I don't think so, sir.
- Speed, you'll get what Casper just had.

No one's seen you have a shower,
Casper. Cos you haven't had one.

- Me mam says I ain't to have a shower.
- Come here. What's your mother say?

I ain't to have a shower, sir.
I've got a cold.

- Where's your note, then?
- Can I bring it this afternoon, sir?

That's no good, lad. I want one now.
Any boy wishing to be excused
physical education, or showers,

must, at the time of the lesson,
produce a sealed letter of explanation

signed by one of his parents
or his legal guardian.

- Go on, sir, let me go home.
- You can go, lad.

Hey, come here.
When you've had a shower.

- I haven't a towel, sir.
- Borrow one.

- Nobody'll lend me one.
- Have a drip-dry, then. Shower, come on.

- MacDowall.
- Sir?

Come here, lad.
Come here. What's this?
Our dog did it, sir.
- Your dog did it?
- Aye.

lt bit me while I were fightin' it last night.
A dog wearing nylons, lads.
Bloody heck!
- Still in a hurry?
- Can I go now, sir?

- Have a proper wash.
- I've had one, sir.

- In the shower, lad. In the shower.
- I've got to get home.

ln the shower.
Ryder, Speed, come here.
Yes, you two. Come on.
Stay here and see that
he doesn't come out.

- Do what, sir?
- I said, stay there.

See that he doesn't come out.