# Amen
This morning's reading is taken from
Matthew, chapter 18, verses 10-1 4.

"Never despise one of these little ones,
I tell you."

"They have their guardian angels
in heaven

who look continually
on the face of my heavenly father."

"Suppose a man has a hundred sheep.
lf one of them strays,

does he not leave
the other 99 on the hillside

and go in search of the one that strayed?"
"And if he should find it, I tell you this,
he is more delighted over that sheep
than over the 99 that never strayed."

"ln the same way,
it is not your heavenly father's will

that one of these little ones should be
lost." Here ends this morning's reading.


Stop! Stop that infernal coughing.
Every morning alike. Clear your throats
on the way to school, not here.

Sounds more like a dirt track
than an assembly hall.


Come out! Come out, that boy!
Who coughed? Mr Hesketh,
somewhere near you, I think.

Fetch that boy out!
MacDowall, it was you.
You were coughing.

- lt weren't.
- Yes, it was. I heard you.

- lt weren't, sir.
- Don't argue.

- lt weren't me, honest.
- Headmaster's study.

MacDowall! I might have known!
Get to my office!

- lt weren't me, sir.
- And heaven help you.

We will now say the Lord's Prayer.
Hands together, eyes closed.
Our Father...
Our Father
which art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done...