- Does he bite yer?
- He's had a little kid's hand off nearly.

Has it? My, my, my!
What's it fastened on? A wire?

Aye. It's broke this off an' all.
Just darted at t'kid and got him.

Well, I don't know, I'm sure.
ls that what you've got t'glove on for?

- Yeah. Just in case it gets me.
- Aye. Aye.

- What d'yer call it?
- Kes.

Kes? Aye. He is a nice bird.
I shouldn't like to handle him.
Casper! Casper! Up, lad! On yer feet!
- You were asleep, weren't you, Casper?
- I don't know, sir.

I know! You were. You were asleep.
Why were you asleep,
you irreverent scoundrel?

- Don't know, sir.
- I know why!

You were roaming the streets at night
instead of being home in bed.

See me in my office afterwards! I'll give
you something to sleep about! Sit!

Here are the announcements.
The youth employment officer will be
here today to meet the Easter leavers.

Your parents should have been told.
lf any boy has forgotten and thinks his
parents may wish to attend his interview,

then he can consult the list on the main
notice board for the approximate times.

And finally, for three members
of the smokers' union

caught yesterday behind
the games storeroom,

there will be a meeting
with me after assembly,

when I will be pleased to see
and hear them pay their dues.

He'd better not stick me.
I'm fetchin' me father up if he does.

What yer bringin' yer father down for?
He don't do nowt.

- How d'yer mean?
- Last time, he got stick an' all.

Shut up, will tha? I'm sick of hearin' yer.
When he came,
they were laughin' at him.

- Yer what?
- Yeah. Weren't they?

Don't say that about my father, right?
He's not gonna beat me, anyhow.