Midnight Cowboy

Kiss me, Joe.
Oh! You're the only one!
I'm awful sorry you're sick...
but you have to
give me that money.

I was lying.
I don't have it.

What are you gonna do to me?
- You ain't got no $25 on you?
- No.

- What are you gonna do to me?
- What do you think?

What do you want me to do to you?
- You wanna get beat on?
- No.

- How much you got in your pockets?
- Nothing.

Empty your pockets out
right over there.

- Take my books.
- I don't want your damn books!

How much is that worth?
Don't take my watch. Please.
Don't take it.
It's only a cheap watch.

It's not worth anything.
I can't go home without it.

My mother would die.
Don't take it.

I can't go home.
She'd die.

She would die. Please.
I don't want your damn watch.
Preparing for this brief
moment of glory at halftime.

A basic training as rigorous
as the star football players themselves.

Long hours
of precision choreography...

that would put the Rockettes
to shame.

Musical arrangements, rehearsals,
costume fittings.

A production
in Hollywood's finest tradition.

You can spot the invaders easily
if they're by themselves.